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11-16-2012, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
It's also insulting to make unproved statements without concrete evidence.
You mean like when Cryptic has to be shown video proof to get something is actually wrong? Because they can't replicate it themselves even though they have detailed instructions?

Or Like when Cryptic doesn't actually tell itself when it does something, such as a dev randomly deciding to up the Borg's tractor beam to 1000% strength and not tell anyone, just because he felt it was kweler. So when people ask WTF Cryptic they simply shrug and say "nothing changed!".

Or how about when some devs know of a bug but due to their bizarre system of NOT fixing bugs right away they tell no one else so everyone else when asked says "no bugs, its all working as intended!"

Or how about.....

Or how about......

It goes on and on. Seriously, how can you assume things are exactly the same as before? By now It takes more than someone saying "working as intended" for me to even consider the matter closed. For all we know a random dev decided that Borg ships needed to be more powerful and upgraded their weapons in some way. Naturally he didn't tell anyone else so no one but him/her has any idea something was changed.

The question isn't whether the Borg were powerful enough or not, but why are stealth changes still being made?