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11-16-2012, 10:33 AM
People need to learn what the term exploit means.

If B'Tran wasn't properly designed that is one thing, but it was designed, it was put in the game for a VERY long time, it was played and rewarded the way it was meant to be. It, by definition, is not an exploit. A single B'Tran run still took 15 minutes, plus travel time to and from the ass end of the universe.

The console clicking may have been one, but it too existed in the game for a very very long time. When the devs increased the rewards of that mission, they basically said it was ok. The devs knew how it was being accomplished because the top 20 missions played were all console clicks. There is a very big issue with giving someone something then coming back and say, uh no we want that back.

I have no desire to have everything, nor do I feel entitled to everything. But if I am incapable of reaching the 8k dilithium cap daily then casual players have no hope at all.

I have written very long, very detailed guides for our fleet on how to earn dilithium, marks, how to build ships, do ground content, run fleet actions, how to run stfs, doffing.. every aspect of the game. I know what I'm talking about, I see the entire picture, and as someone who has to take care of a fleet I see how they feel as well. When our casual players just give up, and our more dedicated players complain in frustration on the verge of throwing the towel in, then whats left? The silent ones.. maybe, I'm sure they are happy.