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11-16-2012, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by luxchristian View Post
Translation of this post: I have a suboptimal layout and I'm flying like a drunken madmen. But before S7 I had a chance against the pathetic borg. With the little buff in S7 I'm now a complete useless noob

The borg got harder but they are not broken xD You are just a bad player ;-)
No need to troll son, if you want to pretend it's because I'm a bad player, then you're not very intelligent. We're all having problems with STF, doesn't matter how good we are...

You could theoretically get through an elite STF with minimal dying, but it would require cowardly tactics, like dipping in and out of 10km to the detriment of over all effectiveness. To be perfectly honest, your post and fake smugness wreaks of BS. My tag is @megacharge, send me a PM in game, so we can do an elite STF together, I want to see how you handle it, I'm willing to bet you'll be popping left and right.

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