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11-16-2012, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by larouche55 View Post
The fleet mark issue is definitely a concern and source of frustration in our mid-sized fleet as well. We have all SB and embassy projects ready to go, minus the ungodly amount of fleet marks. The SB is at mid T2 as well...

So I try to contribute - run fleet actions, etc. Hooray, 9 marks (give or take, from FAs at least). That will really make a dent in the 1200 required for xyz project (singular).

I could understand it from a business perspective is there was a way to monetize on the fleet marks - but there isn't anything in place.
i think this will become an bigger issue in some 7 days or a little more as people in bigger fleets who have found the marks always filled will spend their saved mark pools..

smaller fleets feel it first, of course..

btw - my son is playing some f2p + cash shop games. some browser games too.
In every one of them he gets something just for logging in. Once a day.

Why could a toon in this f2p game get free 50 Fleet Marks a day for logging in? Without a mission?

If they do not want to monetize them, to make them exchangeable.. etc.
Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
But, there is. If you have to play more to get them, and you want them, you'll pay for things that make this extra play more convenient for you, such as consumables and better ships.

Further, by making progression take longer, at least some of the audience will stick around longer before they reach the post-progression burnout.
I see NO reason i can earn tons of Omega or Romulan marks in an hour, and in the same playtime ill get only some 30 Fleet Marks.
Gimme a logical explanation pls.

I know, you can't admit that this is one of the issues, which Cryptic FORGOT about..

EDIT - i really do not care about the Dill changes.

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