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Originally Posted by imjobuahole View Post
We just did a fleet run for "the hive" space. No drops. No drops in any STF's? Really?

I've been commenting since the F2P beta that if Dilithium is indeed supposed to be a time based currency like Cryptic et al claim; when you have content (like all the storyline missions that are supposed to be the bulk of the PvE content); but DON'T award at least some Dilithium to players for doing/spending time in them - you create a dis-incentive for player, and as a result, they are played less (much like I'm sure Cryptic data-mining showed the drop in STF play-throughs.)

It doesn't need to be much; and you could time gate it as well saying they could replay something once a day for the full dilithium reward; but subsequent repeat playthroughs before the timer expired would net less (or no) dilithium rewards.

The Romulan and Omega mark situation is different as they now help you gain reputation that unlocks more content and better gear; and ALSO at T5 reputation status; you will them be able to run projects that cionvert them to Dilithium as well.

To me, it makes zero sense that under their own F2P model, players are essentially discouraged from playing the storyline missions because they reward zero dilithium.
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