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11-16-2012, 11:03 AM
I have played succesful for the last 7 months.
Got a gold subscription last month to support the game.
After the update to season 7 the game doesnt work properly, i had no problems prior to the update (only some lag when doing an fleet action, but thats not strange)
I am in sectorspace and its keeps switching between desktop and STO. Its unplayable now.

I have an i5 intel onboard chipset and 6 Gb ram.
According to the system requirements, thats more then enough.
I cannot update the drivers cause its a laptop, you cannot just get new drivers from intel.
You must get them from your laptop support site (lenovo in my case)

They probably knew about the problem (check tribble post) but released season 7 on schedule. I think that its a bad thing for the plp with the intel onboard cards.
I will register an support ticket and hope they will fix it soon.

And if the system requirements where being changed, one should think cryptic would have communicated this in a blog. They didnt, so we just have to wait till they fix it.