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As for the dilithium coming from somewhere, well, yes, it does. Now you'll have to be more careful with it. I see no harm in budgeting. People seem to want everything now. What is what all this greed?
Let try and put this into a nutshell for you. Some of us, me included, have a large monetary investment in the game. I also work for a living. I don't have time to come home and use all my spare time playing a buggy game that at least in S6 gave some reward with a couple of hours of gameplay. I don't want a second job playing this game every spare minute i have and having to wait until i retire to achieve anything.

It's not about wanting everything now, it's just that there is a large percentage of players who simply don't have the time to grind until doomsday for basically very little reward. This is why S7 sucks balls, very simple.
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