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11-16-2012, 11:08 AM
You see...Bitemepwe is a real evil Klingun...
First of all we Feds never afraid of you evil Klinguns...unfortunately we don't have the Cruisers suitable for fighting you as seen in the tv movies...Kirk simply doesn't exist in this game, period!
We fight disadvantaged, we know that in this game the best Cruisers are KDF ones, not to mention the Bop targ packs who terrorize the Fed rookies...
But it doesn't matter, you evil Klinguns don't ever conquer the Galaxy because we Feds prevent it!
K D F - Killing Disadvantaged Feds
K D F - The evul way to play Sto

I salute Adm. Marcus, a real Starfleet hero! Thanks to his courage we Tac Feds now have an awesome Cruiser, the USS Avenger!