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11-16-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by intrepidfox03 View Post
This is the exact opposite for me. See, I keep hearing this 'forced' to play certain content for dilithium. Before, they added the dilithium back to STF's that was a virtual valid point. Well, in S6, I didn't play STF's ad nauseam to cap out each day. I didn't do the clickies because it was an exploit, I didn't travel to B'Tran to do missions. I did doffs, fleet alerts, the odd FA's. I did STF's enough to get the mk xi ground sets, the mk xii armors, & the mk xii MACO shield.

I keep hearing this smack talk about FA's. If you don't like it, don't play it. Do you play your content for fun or play the Cryptic game of grinding dilithium? Bad mouthing Fleet Actions will not get support from others. I now HIT cap in S7. They even said most top level players have NOT hit cap. Guess what grinders, I was one of those not hitting cap.

I'm glad dilithium is BACK in STF's, it is in FA's, at the end of BOTH reputation systems.
I never said anything bad about Fleet Actions having Dilithium, just that people were exploiting the system. Thats why they turned off Private Queues.

I have no problem with Fleet Actions having Dilithium, only when Cryptic took away Diltihium from the STFs and told players they had to do them to get their Dilithum, is what I had the problem with.