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Greetings all,

I posed this question to the forums well over a year ago and it was pretty much panned at that time so I thought I?d bring it up again and see what the perception is on the idea this time.

Here?s a quick break down:

Let?s say that Cryptic offers a quality series of missions or a block of one off missions that scaled to the level of the player and could be run whenever we chose to run them and were tailored to both factions.

Let?s say that the DLC also included a new Bridge Officer (perhaps someone from the story contained in the missions) and new DLC exclusive equipment and Doffs and perhaps even Ships.

Let?s say that the asking price for these new DLC was setup like this:

$15.00 for F2P

$5.00 for Lifetime and Gold subscription holders

The above is just a very rough outline but I?m sure it presents the general idea that I?m trying to get across.

ATM STO offers very little incentive to hold a membership and the above idea would help out a bit in that area.

I know that most are already saying ?members should not have to pay extra for game content? but come on we all know that that ship has long since sailed.

I don?t think anything else will ever be added to STO unless it can be seen has profitable to PWE and I fear that it also includes regular non foundry created missions and story driven content.

I has a Lifer since open beta really do not mind the idea of paying for content has long has the content is enjoyable and worth the price I?m being asked to pay for it.

Thanks for your time!