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11-16-2012, 11:40 AM
here's what I don't get. Many players here are stating that in the end after the initial S7 launch situation regarding dilithium rewards was rescinded; that somehow there will be less Dilithium available in game; and that will somehow (in Cryptic's eyes) force people to use Zen to buy Dilithium to progress.

In the end:

1) The "Investigate Officer Reports" mission exploit was removed (and I used it too, make no mistake); but, in the end, we ALL knew it was an exploit, anD they said over and over they had plans to 'fix' it. <--- So, this would have happened regardless of any Season changes at some point. In the end, it means that to get that 1440 Dilithium and 50 FM; you need to spend about as much time as it takes to get Dil from the "Explore Strange New Worlds" mission; and there will be enterprising Foundry authors who adapt and make the quickest /easiest mission to maximize return in the new setup.

2) B'Tran was removed - so that's one less source per se of 1440 dilithium ouright.

3) In the end; the outright Dil Reward for Elite STFs was dropped about 200 Dil - BUT they added two more (into the Hive Ground and Space) that you can cycle through; and even the original setup was countdown timer gated. Also, the BNPs are pretty equivalent to EDCs in that there is a project you can run at any tier that converts them to dilithium; and at T5 (if you do the Rep grind) you can start converting Omega Marks to Dill as well.
In the long run, this seems pretty much a wash for anyone wjho already had all gthe gear STF they wanted; and were grinding for rewards and Dil via STFs.

4) In the new content they have added content that will give you Dilithium (the Salt Vampire, Tholian Red Alert Daily); and they've added Dilithium rewards to the old Fleet Axctions (SB24/Gorn Minefield/etc.) <--- And yiou can run those pretty quick as well. And again at T5 Romulan Reputation, you can convert Romulan marks to Dilithium as well.

As for tenh Fleet Starbases and Embassy holdings, they did a number of changes that REDUCED the resource requirements:

1) All project only require common (White) Doffs; and only require doffs from a Branch (IE Tactical, Security, Engineering, etc.) So, you no logwer need 60 'Sensor Officers', 'Security Officers', etc.; nor do you need Green, Blue or Purple Doffs for Fleet Starbase projects.
This means that if you want to use the Doff grinder for an upgrade, you're doing it because you want that color Doff for your character, or something else. It's up to you if you find the new cost requirements worth it, but it's no longer needed for Starbase or Reputation projects. Also, with the above changes, particular common white Doffs will no longer cost near a million EC. As for recruitment - yes, the 5 pack General and the Racial recruitment NPCs have a Dil cost associate with them, but there a still a number of 100% free ways to acquire Doffs. <-- If anything this may have been a move to cut down on database transaction activity as you won't have crazy amounts of white doffs on the exchange fpor outrageous prices; and in the end, you'll still have enough of a base for Fleet projects. if anything, it may make Fleet doffs more attractive to some players now.

2) They removed Dilithium as a needed input of BOTH Reputation; and SDtarbasde projects across the board - so in that area, there are less Dilithium resource sinks.

If there's a glut of Dilithium depressing prices on the Dilithium exchange; it's not from the changes in the last 48 hours; it's from all the players (myself included) who cashed out their STF rewards prior to S7 launch. On my main STFing characters, I have two weeks worth of 8500K a day (using the SFA NPC, but you can only run it every 2 days for 1000) refining available - regardless of any other Dilithium reward content I do; and I know I'm nowhere near the surplus others probably have.

It'll be months before we really see the effect (good or bad) on the game economy; but the fact is simple; there's more content, a wider variety of rewards (STFs are no longer the only end-game stuff in the game) ; and honestly, once players start gaming this new content, new dynamics will emerge.

About the only real easy Dilithium farming source that was removed in the end, was the 10-15 second "Investigate Officer Reports" exploit that we all knew would be closed eventually. Players are of course upset that the quick 1920 dilithium source across 10 Alts routine is gone for good/has been reduced to a quick 480 Dil. Now they'll have to decide which alts they want to actually play.
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