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11-16-2012, 11:47 AM
Paying for missions has been a major gripe in Champions and Lord of the Rings Online.

I think this is where you draw the line. If you are going to be f2p then you need to allow any player to play any mission. Of course buying boxes has worked for Lord of the Rings and Guildwars and is acceptable. I like the guildwars model where they force people to buy a box and then go f2p for the rest. Lord of the Rings Im iffy about. Champions is awful in pay for content. It will be really interesting to see how Star Wars does it as they allow you to play popular missions a few times a week but not unlimited times unless you are gold or pay by the month. Star Wars botched their subscription plan and ticked everybody off but otherwise they did a few things right.

Its hard for game companies to tell players hey come try us we are free to play and then find ways to raise money and pay for the game. Rationing content is not the best way to overcome these challenges in my opinion. Nor is pay to win. I really like how League of Legends does it and I guess many agree. Of course it makes it easier when you have 32 million registrations and 5-7 million people playing daily.

I bought more STO boxes than I care to admit and a lifetime also and the last straw would be if they decided to charge me to play new content. I wouldnt be overly happy at being told I couldnt play missions with people because they spent less than I did.

Many have pointed out many good things they could charge for and make money with but new content isnt one of them. Especially when they took the millions we invested in this game and spent it building new content for NWN.