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11-16-2012, 11:54 AM
What she is saying is: (still happening as of this morning)

1. On KDF character talking in Fleet

2. Change to FED Character using the new "Change Character" Tab

3. While on FED character still receiving a Read Only view of the KDF Fleet.
a. I can speak to Fleet members in the FED Fleet

4. Change to Different FED character using the old way of "Log Out", enter password, "Log In" pick character, click "Play" and there is no Fleet bleedover from KDF.

5. In other words, when u change your characters utilizing the "Change Character" tab, the toon you were on previously is not completely switched off and is still active in the background.

6. With respects to not having the Fleet channel, u can zone 4-5 times and it comes back, this is what I did for all 12 of my toons to get the channel back. Best way, probably not, workaround, maybe.

I would suppose PWE/C are having connection/disconnection issues in the game. Take that anyway u want. Then again I'm only a female, what do I know. :/