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11-16-2012, 11:58 AM
I flew the Fleet Torkaht. I found it to be a fun ship to fly, and I don't generally like cruisers. But, after the Vet ship came out I doubt I'd by any KDF Fleet ships.

1. Head to Head the Vet ship is better than most options for my playstyle (by a lot).

2. The raiders are trash. The modest improvements on them aren't worth the $$$. Though if they'd up the 16k hull's cloak to ebc, I'd consider it. Brel still the best raider imo.

3. While there's some ok KDF Fleet escorts, the best of the Fed's Fleet escorts are better.

4. The KDF Sci ships are really trash.

5. Generally not a Carrier fan, but don't see anything improved over the Karfi to the point I'd by it.

6. Which brings us back to the Fleet Torkaht. It's a quality DPS cruiser layout w/BC.