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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
I'm not defending anyone else but my opinion. Everyone else seems to be doing it. Far more aggressively than I am, by the way. Why, do you think I don't have the right to?
dial back a bit, I don't think anyone is telling YOU, PERSONALLY, to STFU. It's a perspective issue, and it's thorny, because obviously, you feel nothing is wrong with the new system. many threads with how many people-including names not normally seen on the forum, are saying something IS wrong with the new system??

This is a game, games are entertainment, and make money off of players. When you have a crapload of players, many of them long-time, blue-chip spenders, saying "This is not fun", that is an ISSUE for an entertainment medium.

YES, the Foundry Klikky needed to be adjusted-I personally felt that the reward could have been put on a scale-use difficulty, or mission length, maybe. (Personally I use the Foundry missions a hell of a lot more frequently than the Episodes when levelling-I've SEEN the Episode content several times now, and rehashed FEd material gets really dull really fast when you're more interested in KDF.)

See it this way (let's diverge a bit and make some fun speculations while tempers cool)...

Let's assume the "Daily klikki" is a problem, let's address it in a way that makes sense...

Short, one klik missions: 5 marks and 50 dil for a threepack.

Medium length (10-30 minutes) at "normal": 10 Marks (comparable to Colony invasion, the easiest of the FM grinds), 100 Dil. for a 3-pack

Episode length Foundry missions ("Krios Falling" for instance, say "45 minutes or longer on average"): 50 FM, 1440 Dil (the old reward) for a 3 pack, but only if played on "Elite" difficulty. (you can SET difficulties in your controls, btw). Half that in FM and 1/3 for "Normal" difficulty.

This would enable what Cryptic was trying to do by tying rewards to playing this stuff, and scaling the rewards that way keeps it fair and disencourages the "clear three at once klikking"-the exploit you were bemoaning.

As for B'Tran cluster-that bored me so badly the first time I never went back, rewards or not-and I'm not alone in this.