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11-16-2012, 12:09 PM
I donno...
*deposits 2 credits*

Yesterday, to get my Reputation projects started, I did ISE 7x
5 KDF, 1 in Vet destroyer, 1 in BoP, 3 in BortasQu
2 Fed, 1 GalX and 1 Nebula
All PUGs
Results: missed Optional on only 1 (a good day for PUGs obviously)
And ZERO deaths with anyone.

On a side note, all my KDF have either KHG Mk XI or Mk XII shields, only 1 full set tho.
All ships have all VR Mk XII consoles or Cstore consoles and all my KDF have all Fleet weapons.
My Feds both have the Aegis set and crafted VR Mk XI wpns, with VR Mk XII and Cstore consoles.

I know everyone isn't going to be geared the same, but I really didn't see any difference in the difficulty between before and after the S7 update.
IMOHPO, It's all about the teamwork and following the Plan, which, all the groups I was in performed with an unusual sense of unity, which is semi-rare for PUGs.
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