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11-16-2012, 01:20 PM
The good new is that you are far from alone, the bad news is that as of yet, for a large number of players there is no cure and as of yet no response from the Devs that anything is actually wrong.
The problem started with the launch of season 7. From the launch point numourous people have begun suffering the exact same problem.
While in game play (no matter the situation) the screen will suddenly start flickering back and forth to desk top. It will do this a few times 2 - 6 before suddenly freezing not only the game but the PC running it, forcing the user to reboot the pc.
The time between starting the game and the beginings of the flickering seems to vary. It can start from the get go, to a few minutes or even a few hours worth of game time, most seem to be after a few minutes though.
The freezing of the game can also trigger a BSOD event which will bring up a code. (this should be noted)
I have tried for 3 days to sort out the problems, I have updated my graphic cards, uninstalling, upgading other parts of my pc including the coolers (The pc is still brand new and powerful, the upgrading was for my satisfaction)
Alas I have exuasted my attempts to fix the problem, leading me to the conclusion that the problem is within the new graphics installed by the Devs with the launch of season 7. Something happened that day and it seriously bugged a good number of players.
Players seem to be using a wide varity of pcs and graphic cards and none of them seemed to have had any problems whatsoever before the launch of season 7.
As I stated, the Devs have not even acknowledged a problem.
Many other users have no problem at all which is strange. I can only hope someone addresses the problem soon or the game will lose many loyal patrons...