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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
No, that doesn't necessarily follow. People always want things to be easier, and dislike things that are harder, but that doesn't mean doing what they say improves the health of the game.

Replacing big payoffs with little ones is often better for reducing churn than the opposite, as long as it feels like SOME reward is coming. It can in fact improve profits, as people who have to play longer to get the rewards often spend more money on conveniences such as consumables and minor combat improvements.
The problem is, your payouts need to scale with the costs you impose, or people become disgusted, disheartened, and disinterested.

Here's my observation, and it may be wrong but...

I joined my present fleet near the middle of S6, and logging on at an average of 11Pm PDT, there was always over 10 people present and accounted for on the "roster" screen, finding partners to team STF's was fairly routine, ditto socializing, etc. etc.

Since Tuesday night, the damn number's dropped to where 6 is a big number, and four of them don't speak english.

Everyone else who WAS on in the late hours has, apparently, since the new system hit 'live', found other things to do.

Further, I've NEVER seen ques as empty for PvE as I'm seeing in the timeframe I'm usually on-never. I'd gotten USED to waiting up to an hour for PvP ques, but three hours Plus? I almost suspect they removed the "Players waiting" number because it was dropping through the floor and not a good thing to show investors.

People are either not logging, or not staying. The Fleet my toons are in, is a BIG fleet-200 plus and normally quite active, 3-5 people on is FREAKISHLY LOW activity for this fleet.

Ergo, there is a problem, and the only point of change, was Season 7's launch.