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11-16-2012, 12:42 PM
So far I've tried this out on a tac and a sci.

Tac build is very similiar to an escort. 3xDHC/3 turrets. Usage of LTC Tac, Ens Eng in the universals.

So far I've found a very lethal combo with APB1+GW3+CSV2+PDS
Enemies literally melt, regardless of the difficulty (Elite sphere groups in ISE for example).
She has a good amount of shielding and can take punishment better than your average Defiant. The focus phaser is good to target on individual large enemies while using CSV or CRF and Tyken's 1.

I also have the Omega shield, Fleet Turnx3 impulse, and Aegis deflector mostly for shield buffing. The omega shield helps a lot with getting those cannons to bear if you need to in the middle of a fire fight.

All in all for a tactical, a very tough, very damaging ship.

For a Sci however, she's a godsend.
So far I've maxed her shields up to 20788 with an Aegis shield and 5 Field Gens. Max aux, 1xAux DHC, 1 Fleet Phaser array, 1 torpedo (Still working on which to use, using Transphasics for now). 3xPhaser arrays in aft for broadsiding while turning to bring forward arcing weapons to bear and target subsystems (Still debating on whether or not to keep the 3 in back). On top of that, all of the science powers you could ever ask for. VM1, GW3, Tyken's 2, TSS3, so on and so forth.

While my damage with the sci is obviously not going to be very high. I felt very good last night in a Fleet Alert, tractoring ships, throwing out GW3, slamming them with VM1 and holding them in place while a Jem bug thrashed them to death with their cannons. We had a rather good synergy going that I never had in an intrepid.

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