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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Right here.

Yes, there is a Pay Store.
No, Zen Store ships are not the best ships in the game.

Best ships in the game are Lockbox ships that are available in the Exchange, sure they cost tens if not hundreds of millions EC but you dont have to pay a cent for them.

Then we have the Fleet Ships, they are harder to come by since they require to be in a Fleet and require Ship Modules but Ship Modules are sold on the Exchange as well and there are Fleet versions of Zen Store ships that do not require to own the Zen Store Ship.

Zen Store ships are convenient but thats it, granted if you want a Fed Carrier that is pretty much having to get the Fleet Escort Carrier but MMOs dont hand things on a platter either, you either take the Zen Store shortcut or you grind for it longer... subscription systems usually just makes everyone grind.

And TOR is in no way different, in fact with their Cartel Coins I expect EA to go milking BOTH the F2Pers and the Subscribers but its also not like STO store does not predates F2P, if I recall it was added during Atari days.
that was makeing a statement that ppl saying ty cryptic for takeing away there cady and give back half i got news for you dude i dont need or care for Dilithium im rich i can buy my stuff with money

and sto /PWE milking this game for every thing they can fleet base's any one rep system any one? wow you get to do all mission for free in sto got new for you sto give most of every thing for free is why you have more LOCKBOXES and CSTORE crap more then you have goting mission since PWE took over sto and you will always see more of that why because it only way sto can make money for there staff of what 40 as some one told me after PWE took still feel more like 20 if you ask me see in swtor you dont have one and a half faction's ummmm KDF for 3 years? any one i can make sto look as bad as you try to make tor but going to say Season 7 did a good job of that for me

also only ship you will get on the Exchange in the Tens as you said is a fraking shuttlecraft not a starship so you may want to up that to the 30s and up and with the new limits on every thing just makes it that much guess what grindy

and the Modules sorry some one has to buy that to put on the exchange sooo really its not free for some one had to buy it and again EC limits

also you talked about cstore addid under Atari this is what it was

year 1 2010
April 8 C-Store Items
April 15 C-Store Items
May 13 C-Store Items
June 14 C-Store Items
August 10 C-Store - Off Duty Outfits: "Formal Wear"
August 21 "Search for Spock" Excelsior
October 7 C-Store: Sehlat Pet
October 15 C-Store: Nebula Class Ship
October 22 C-Store: Vor'Cha Costume
October 29 C-Store: 7 of 9 Outfit
November 12 C-Store: Klingon Retrofit Ships
November 17 C-Store: Enterprise Theme Pack
December 9 C-Store: Troi Outfit
December 16 C-Store: Nausicaan Ship
December 23 C-Store: Motion Picture Outfit

now need i show you what was dun in the trems of featured series mission ?

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