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Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
Behold, the average jaded Trek fan.
Guilty as charged !

But you're missing the point. This is a strange new world, that we have never had access to before now. And, lo and behold, it is your task to explore it.
And I want to ... I really do ! In fact I can't wait to , but ...

help an old civilization adapt.
Yeeeaaahhh ... .
It just HAD to be Romulans .
I ... uh ... no .
Not feeling it .
Too much bad blood ... even as a Fed , and it makes NO SENSE if you are a Klingon (unless you r a Duras ... -- but not even then) .
I never trusted Romulans ... and ... I never will . I have never been able to forgive them for ... well the list is just too long ... .
(but it starts with : our entire civilization may be at an end , so "we even thought about opening communication with the Romulans ... ." /BoBW Prt.1/ . Yes and this is the "enlightened" Picard era .)

And don't give me the "Jim , they are dying ." -- retro-novo puppy eyes/Vulcan ears death combo (!) because I'm apparently racist against Romulans .

But hey , at least I thought it was funny for a time .
Now .. , not even that .

So yeah , as you said jaded . Not from Trek , but more like two seasons of grind back to back ... , and from something masquerading as Trek .
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