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On a side note... wouldn't the Federation's involvement in this be a breach of the Prime Directive? They're putting their nose into another culture's internal affairs. Now, I can understand them probably saying.. well the good of us doing this outweighs the bad if we don't get involved. It was just a thought I had. Mind you game-wise I think all of us have broken the Prime Directive on more than one occasion.
The original, classic PD applied only to pre-warp cultures. TNG expanded it (ill-advisedly, IMO) to try to beg off from interfering with any culture, even other major powers, mostly (again IMO) as a rather transparent excuse to try to avoid getting involved/dragged into someone else's civil war. An example of a narrow rule being expanded beyond recognition to justify isolationist policies at the galactic level. Like most such ***-covering excuses, it's promptly ditched (in favor of a whole different set of justifications for getting involved) during expansionist / interventionist phases - the PD clearly applied to the Ba'ku (ST Insurrection), but the Federation muckity-mucks, manipulated by the Son'a and dazzled by the prospect of eternal youth, ooooooh, ignored both the letter and the principle.

EDIT to add some further thoughts:

Yeah, my Feddies will be extending an open hand to the Romulans, but the Klingon? Ha ha, no.

It's not Real Trek unless someone comes on in the final act to club the audience over the head with the Moral. (e.g., "War is Bad", "Slavery is Bad", "Discrimination is Bad", "Computers Running Everything is Bad", "Pollution is Bad", "Sexism is Woo Check Out the Headlights on That One"...)
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