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# 54 Log - Graphics Issue
11-16-2012, 02:07 PM
I am sharing my Trouble shoot with Perfect World in efforts to keep us all on the same page. If you want this fixed send bug report after bug report each day. Make you u send tickets not only in game but through this site.

Ticket Start
Was posted on Tribble .. and since NOTHING has been done.. now posted here.

Sooo since this error is not my graphics driver being 'underpowered' because there is no lag, no pixaliztion nothing.. I get popped off when running around the academy.

Prior to this, I can be in a 20 person Starbase 24. Torp spread 3 from all going off .. and nothing no lag no problem.

Fix this issue or refund my membership.

While playing i frequently receive,

"interal graphics driver was forced to shut down" this makes the whole window hiccup and then come back on. Then after 30min it crashed my entire computer.

Intel i3 CPU M350@2.27GH
4GB Ram
Intel(R) HD graphics

Never have had a issue running the on Holodeck

Char - Stonewall@LordHarconan

My Toon - Nijineer is in the academy and this crashes my driver upon log in.

In the last 3 months i have put over $350 into this game, and This makes the game unplayable. This is not a point of my graphic card being under powered. I ran STO at FULL during the last 6 months and no hiccup .. now after one update this is no longer playable.


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If you could please send us DxDiag and HijackThis logs, that will help us to diagnose the problem. It'll be helpful to us if you tell us some of your computer's information, and PLEASE include any screenshots of any bugs or errors that you get.

To create a dxdiag log, go to Start, click on Run (or Search if using Windows 7 or Vista), then type in dxdiag and press Enter on your keyboard.

Click on Save All Information, then attach the text file to this ticket (If on a 64bit system, look for and click on the Save 64bit Dxdiag button beside the Save All Information button).

To create the HijackThis log, go to Download and save it, then install it. Click Do a system scan and save a log file, then attach the text file to your reply.

Please do not copy and then paste the text of these logs into your reply.

We'll take look at these log files and give you feedback on your issue.


The Perfect World Tech Support Team

Thanks for the info. We are currently looking into this issue. Do check to make sure your video drivers are updated, and try lowering in-game graphics as well to test, particularly the advanced settings.


The Perfect World Tech Support Team

my response

I have already Updated my Graphics driver.. and dropped the graphics from best to lowest. I have attempted to adjust different levels.

BUT please see the following.

I am NOT getting lag, I am not getting graphic jumps or pixaliztion. What happens is my entire window closes and then pops back up with a message that the driver crashed. These happens in particular spots in the game while others are safe. The spots are not always to do with the amount of people or items on the playing field.

Example, I have played the new borg STF ... No issues no problems.

But one of my toons ( ninjaneer) is in starfleet academy... I was close to the exchange and had no issues, until i walked in front of the reception desk in the exchange building, then it insta popped my graphics driver and locked up my computer. I can not even log into this toon anymore with out my driver crashing.

This also happened with one my klinks (Salar) In First City, by the exchange. This toon is no longer accessible, Brunt started to crash around the maintenance bay in DS9 but i was able to get him out of the area when i noticed it. Currently I can access him, but will not take him to another area in case of hitting one of these "landmines"

unless you have specific directions on how to reconfigure my settings I am at a loss, for I have tried everyt
hing i can think of even adusting frame rate. Please respond as soon as a work around has been given or more information or testing I can do to assist. But if you do not plan on finding a fix to a issue of excluding particular gamecards without notice when the cards are slated with in the specs of the game, I will be asking for the refund of my latest investment of this game less then 20 days old Lifetime membership.

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