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11-16-2012, 02:08 PM
Them not charging for it has nothing to do with them being good to us. It has everything to do with the fact that mission content has from the beginning been the most painful thing for Cryptic to produce. If they started charging for it, they would be obligated to produce more of it. That means real work on actual meaningful playable content, and all Cryptic seems to know how to do these days is create grindfests.

I am sorry if some corporate suit gets his feelings hurt. but this is my perception of things. I wish they would focus as much on free mission content as they do on the grindfests and dilithium sinks brought by seasons 6 and 7. Playable NON-GRIND content is what I will pay for. I will not pay to grind. I will not pay for fluff. I will pay for story content.

So long as it is not monetized, it will not be profitable. So long as it is not profitable, it will not be prioritized. So long as it is not prioritized, ot will not be produced.

And the line they are feeding us about Season 8 being the Klingon content push? Pardon me if I do not believe a word of it. Klingons have been supposed to be getting a content push "next season" every season that comes out. I chalk it up right there with the territory control mechanics and exploration revamp. Things people actually want, sacrificed constanlty for crap nobody really asks for. At least not that I have read.

Who are they designing this game for, anyway? I mean REALLY?
Those of us who see things for what they are need to get it through our heads that no matter how much we rant about it, THEY WON'T CHANGE!. We can either live with it, or we can go find some other game to play until it too embraces the same tactics. The reality is, STO is what it is, and it will not be anything else, no matter how much some of us may want it to be...