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Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
Kill 100/500/1000 beasts (this includes the creatures in Frozen and Colleseum. Frozen gives 27 per run which only last ~2mins and you can repeat immediately after beaming out). Just kill the creatures as you scan the door, attempt to use laser then run to the 2 siderooms and beam in point to kill spiders no need to get the laser working.
Other things like the insects in NR, the scorpions etc all count as 'beasts' so as you do the daily missions it will count.
Vsilverwings1 thanks for listing these. This is great! I take it that the Beasts accolades are not retroactive, then, eh? I'm sure I've killed lots of them already, having played Frozen/Colleseum a several times now...

Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
[TD Red Alerts] are currently bugged in that you can wait in a single instance, jump in an RA the moment it pops but arrive in a finished RA and get kicked out so it's hit and miss if you actually find an active one.
Yeah, every time I've tried to do one of these TD Red Alerts I warp in and immediately warp out, without the option to continue exploring. Any suggestions on how to get in?

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