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Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
For you or for me maybe , but for the majority ?
Are you under the impression that Tier 3-4 Starbases are where the majority of players are at ?
Again, no. The projects were there. The system was there. I did not say anything about whatever measure of progress in it I, or anyone else, may or may not have already achieved. All I am saying is that we can hardly point to a system, that existed before, in the exactly the same form in which it exists now, as an explanation for the dilithium exchange taking a sudden dive. The cause has to be something else. Even the new addition of the embassies only account for some 22,500 (if I recall correctly) extra dilithium being required, per day, per fleet.

So with really not that many new sinks, and the fact that along with the release of a new ship, zen should've been getting more expensive on the dilithium exchange, not cheaper as it's done. If it's not a large enough new sink, then it has to be either an abundance of zen, or a shortage of dilithium.

Originally Posted by bugshu
I really like Aelfwin.
Then be a good friend, and confront his english teacher. He's reading between the lines too much.

All kidding aside, the clickers had to go sooner or later. And I don't miss them. Not although, but because I used them intensively. I have thirteen alts. Making the trip to those consoles repetively became something of a very boring (if self-imposed) job. Now I can't do that to myself anymore. (Though I do think they should've reduced the mission requirement on the wrapper to compensate somewhat at least.) The downside is though that I also no longer make the token bits of dilithium from the Doff system and the academy lore mission that I picked up along with it, on the five or six alts that I'll probably no longer be checking more than once a week now. I'm not overly bothered with it, but...

That may be where Cryptic's metrics fail them. If the average amount of dilithium per active character has gone up, on day one of a new season, when people are more inclined to stick to a main or two and remain online for a longer period than they usually would, that's a meaningless statistic. It doesn't reflect the situation as it would be once things have settled down, and it doesn't take into account characters that don't log in anymore, that previously collected dilithium and then pooled it on the mains or sold it for Zen.

So on day one, they may very well have seen a significant boost in the amount of dilithium earned per character that logged in that day, but what they should be watching instead is the dilithium earned per account. That may show that the new way was and may remain to be a good thing for single or two-character largely F2P players, but there is probably significant portion of the playerbase taking a hit.

And whether group A's surplus cancels out group B's loss... the exchange seems to say that it doesn't.

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