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11-16-2012, 01:29 PM
paying for the type of missions that cryptic has written wouldn't work. while there have been a handfull of good missions, i'd say the majority aren't very fun or interesting. if i don't want to play them for free, i'm certainly not going to pay to play them, knowing that there's maybe a ten percent chance that they'll be any good. lots of people would feel ripped off when they find that its just more of the same.

however there is one area where it would probably work well... canon missions. this is something that is almost completely lacking in sto. the 2800 missions is probably the only set of missions that has truely captivated me, because it's so closely related to canon events. but it mostly wore off after playing them once when i realized that it was just a good idea wrapped in more of the same... run a million miles, fight a million mini-battles, scan a million things, etc.

i want truely well though out ways to play through iconic events in star trek history. i want to mine the wormhole, i want to fight alien nazi's, i want to destroy the xindi weapon, and i want to retake chintoka...etc.

from what i can recall from reading the foundry tos a while back, it looked like there cant be anything too canon in-game because cryptic doesn't want to pay licensing fees on additions to the game. but charging per play for the licensed content seems like a perfect way to make it work. something like $2.99 for a series of missions that represents a multi-part episode, with replays costing like 49 cents. or a monthly subscription for like $10 for the canon missions, with one new series guaranteed each month.

this kind of content selling wouldn't have worked before, but now that the game is f2p, and we have the ability to only pay for what we want to pay for, i think it would be easy for cryptic to pull it off, and make it very successful.

so please, make it so, and i'll pay cash money for it...
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