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11-16-2012, 01:41 PM
Found this in another thread, and had an instant moment of clarity as to why new fleet ships now:

Originally Posted by orondis View Post
Don't own a single fleet ship.

I was hoping to work towards a fleet HEC (which is at the insane level of T5), but with the recent lockboxes, vesta, steamrunner and the continual escalation, I've come to realise the FHEC just isn't fit for purpose. There might be a point if I was low enough to use danubes, but as it is the FHEC is pretty rubbish.

I'll stick with my mobius thanks. That is until the overpowered escort bundle is released, with insta-pop DHCs.
...power creep.

Cryptic isn't selling as many fleetships NOW because they made them obsolete the last couple months.
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