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Originally Posted by dilbart View Post
But there's also less Zen in the system because people won't buy it because it's worth less.

Lat time I checked i paid the same amount of money on it

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'Cause Cryptic has never lied. 'Nuff said.

So you say that cryptic ruins their economy by cheating dilithium or zen into economy? *facepalm*

There is no reason on this planet to add dilithium or zen into the exchange when they can nerf dilithium rewards.

Originally Posted by tweakey View Post
What I think cryptic should do if they want more money and to make players happier is to first raise the cap on dilithium refining to 10,000 a day and make all missions drop 1440 raw dilithium, this will cause a lot of players to have excess dilithium even with the cap increase, they could then add a new doff mission with a 4 hour timer that refines 1000 dilithium, the mission would require 10 refinement tokens that would be bought from the zen store for 20 zen each which players could sell on the exchange.
So increase the dilithium refining not lower the dilithium prices/requirments ?
please tell me you dont work for IRS

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