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I'm just wondering if other torps are going to get the wide angle [Arc] treatment, as cruisers with their craptastic turn rates can't really use torpedoes with their narrow arcs effectively. Also, will this particular type of torpedo come in other flavors other than quantum? Or are we basically falling in line with the "forget all the other torps, go quantum!" mentality most players in the game have?

I realize that if other wide angle torps were introduced to the game, the value of the regent most likely would depreciate, and while feds can go ahead and choose to screw themselves out of 2,500 zen just to get the wide angle quantum, klinks don't have that option, and I know that both my bortas and my ody are in desperate need of a wide angle torp launcher.

Pretty please, wide angle torps in all 31 flavors on both sides? (and yes, I'm absolutely fine with them having a "only one per ship" caveat.)