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I still havent figured out WHY it's so important to cryptic that everyone is hitting their limit ? Somedays I don't even log two of my toons on (16k dilith lost) and alot of times dont push my main to his limit. So I'm skewing their numbers by not playing so much, BIG DEAL.

So why's it so important to them ? They getting a kickback from my ISP for online time or something ?
* They want to put more emphasis on dilithium as a currency used for things other than trading for zen

* In order to use dilithium as a currency they need to ensure that every player has access to it.

* The typical amount of dilithium refined by a player will be integral to the price of any new content or items which utilize dilithium.

They want to offer new stuff, but it would be silly to set the prices at a point where only the top 5% grinders have enough dil to participate. That's why they want to make sure you're refining: to involve you other systems. If you don't have dil then everything they want to build upon dil is irrelevant to you.