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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
For the Vesta, are you referring to the "perfect shield"? I feel that the Kar'Fi Carrier is actually similar with Phase Shift, except with PS, you can still fire weapons. It also has a hangar.

We had a dedicated group from the PvP community test out the Vesta and the feedback received from them influenced some of the changes that were made, but they did not feel it was not OP or could not be countered by KDF ships.


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Right off the bat your testing procedure is obviously flawed. Expert testing and tissue testing are bad by themselves. From the sounds of it, you managed to combine both into something worse.

Fortunately with ships there's not a whole lot of variation between them, but handing a bunch of volunteer pvp experts and asking for their opinion is an incredibly flawed way to try and assess how the ships will behave when distributed to the general playerbase.