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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
I feel that they've been buffed big time, too.

Please understand that I'm not trying to start a disagreement, but I'm of the opinion that the Borg should be at least this strong.

The Borg are meant to be the biggest, baddest guys in the galaxy. The ones where you let out a little bit of wee when you come across them. When I started to get in to the game I found that I could take out a cube with a five-second, spit and bailing wire build. I never liked that. Sure, a monstrously strong build should be able to take a cube, but it should take a team to take down a tactical cube.

Yes, Janeway took back the torpedoes that slaughtered the Borg, making them less fearsome, but the Borg adapt. Not only that, but surely we can assume that they've been assimilating other cultures in the meantime, cultures that would balance the scorecard against Janeway's torpedoes.

All of that being said, I do sympathise for your build being less effective. I find that when you perfect a build you get the greatest sense of satisfaction. To lose that without being notified of it in advance must suck.

Ground, I can't comment on. Haven't tried it yet.
Yes. I have been saying this ever since I started playing. The Borg were WIMPS. And now they are actually as strong as they should be. I see no problem with how powerful the Borg are currently.

As for OP, the Borg Tactical Cube in ISE is considered a boss class enemy. It's like Donatra. It does NOT follow the same rules as we do. It probably has very very high power insulator skills (probably maxed out). Now take into account it probably has 125 power to it's shield subsystem. So one set of drains might bring it down by around 50 or so, and so on and so forth, so it makes sense it would need 3 players. In all honesty, I see this as them simply bringing the Borg up to proper strength.

I used to be able to tank the gate and tac cube in ISE with my Oddy with minimal effort. That has changed. I cannot tank either without at least some effort on my part, or exploiting tunnel vision. It's about bloody time I say.

Originally Posted by theboxisred View Post
I have a different theory:
I suspect all of the players stats have been reduced somewhat so that we are "inspired" to go through the reputation system to regain some buffs.

That does not, however, explain how the Borg plasma energy weapon in The Hive was able to make course corrections around the big boss ships to impact my escort.

In any case there is something wonky going on...
Um... One quick question: Have you ever done a Borg Red Alert Sector Incursion? If the answer is yes, then there's your answer. The Borg Command Ships are the same in "Hive Onslaught" as they are in the Red Alerts. If the answer is no, please read the following explanation. The "Plasma Energy Bolt" that the Borg Command Cruisers fire are like Bio Neural Warheads. They are basically mini ships. They will correct course in an effort to suicidally ram into you for 150k or so damage. They are also very persistent, and can travel faster than most ships at flank speed.

And my stats haven't changed. The Borg were just brought up to speed.
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