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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
I disagree, being able to play content for free is what's causing us to have to wait so long for said content. I'd be a hell of a lot more grateful (and spend a hell of a lot more money) if I was able to buy a steady stream of FE's.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with players burning though missions faster than cryptic can put out.

or FE that takes them a while to make, but takes us minutes to complete, then we are at square one again waiting.

Which is why they make these long kinds of goals, most MMO's have these.

Even if you paid them to make missions and that's how they make more money....what's to stop them from just cutting and pasting the new missions even more.

Throwing money at the missions is not going to get them faster, it's easier for the ship dev team to make ships, than it is to make missions and story, unless you want them to go hmmm we are getting lots of money for missions....lets just throw missions at them as crappy and quick to get money, and no thought on how they go to get as much money as we can....then the forums will riot...bla bla Cryptic I'm not paying for these crappy missions that are the same and not thought out etc.

As for content we got plenty of content, it's just not content some people want, but some others like they can't please everyone.