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firstly a question to cryptic:-

Im guessing there has been a significant drop in both players online at anytime and the average play time since the new patch, does this concern you?


i can see from just our fleet that there are regulars not coming online anymore, some wi would of described as addicts, with a diiminishing player base, you will need to rinse you current base harder and that will cause more to leave, a slippery slope....

Rather than some of these changes, why not give us more ships, open up newly explored sectors of space that only an owner of a new ship can go(doesnt have to be in the ship), there are many better ways of making us part with our EC than underhandedly increase prices and make us grind even more.

Lastly whilst its a business and livelihood to you, it should be fun to us, balance that right and it works, but the current inbalance is not a recipe for longevity.