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Originally Posted by jonathanlonehawk View Post
And yet we have a Fleet D7 -- same era... seems they broke their own rules already. No real reason (other then CBS saying "'cause we said so...") not to have the TMP skin. It's NOT the TV ship, it's the movie ship, there is a difference. And it's possible that's what they meant by "no T5 Connie": the TV version.

And I really don't see how it affects anyone else's game if I want to fly the TMP-TUC era ship. I think it'll be better for the game if I can use a T5 version for STFs rather than queue for a STF in the base Exeter. After all I can fly whatever ship I want. One way is trolling/griefing, the other is just flying what LOOKS like an old ship.

So yeah -- Fleet Exeter with TMP Skin option please, after all the KDF have a Fleet D7...
Exeter was never refitted to TMP Connie specs, and the Klink D7 canon was botched by CBS's producers and directors, thats why the design has been around for almost 200 years.
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