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So now that the Romulan Rep stuff means pugging the same two space missions over and over again, got my first taste of the Tholians. They die adequately enough, but tend to be obnoxious along the way using abilities not listed in the wiki. Its like they're trying to annoy me into giving up. Curious if anyone who's gone through their logs could fill me in on a couple?

First is my weapons going offline all the time. Sometimes I get a big flashing OFFLINE indicator, other times no indicator but my weapons stop firing anyways. Yeah I know sci ships can do that (doesn't work nearly as well for me as for them though) and ET clears it, but that means screwing with my -Team cycling. So who do I need to kill first to make this annoyance go away, and what do I need to spec into to make this stop affecting me at all?
All Tholian ships have subsystem targeting. All of them. And all of them use beam arrays. So if you have 8 or 9 ships using subsystem targeting, and all of them targeting different subsystems (upgraded AI), naturally your systems are going to be going offline like nuts. Also the second half of my answer comes in the next portion.

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Second, sometimes my shields just get something-like-halved, all four facings all at once. Its not the Web, and its way too big to be a tetryon proc, so what is it, who's doing it, and what are the counters?
It's a Tetryon proc. But it's so damn strong because you have so many ships hitting you with it. All Tholian ships are armed with Phased Tetryon Beam Arrays and most also have disruption torpedoes. They also use Thermionic Torpedoes. So naturally it's infuriating to battle them. The Phased Tetryon weapons also have the Phaser proc, which is another reason why your subsystems keep on going offline. And before you comment on why your stuff is never that effective, think about it this way: Imagine if you had a full team of 5 Oddy Sci cruisers running full Phased Tetryon beam arrays. Cuz that's only a tiny portion of what you're going up against. All those procs, and all that subsystem targeting, that's what you're fighting.
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