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11-16-2012, 04:01 PM
Admiralandy, I thought it was just me noticing the same 2-3 posters showing up in any critical thread to vehemently defend "You iz all just whinybabbies and S7 iz teh bestest and it's all working az planned and WHARRRGARRRBLE."

My small fleet (about 15 active, plus friends in other fleets who work with us) knew that we were going to hit a big slowdown once Tier 3 on the starbase went active, just due to the huge resource sink. Unfortunately that coincided with the release of S7, and the removal of many time effective ways to accrue dil, marks, and anything else needed to build the base. Our progress is at a standstill, not least because we have to grind for several hours a day to make our 8000 dil and/or 120 fleet marks. It's not fun anymore.

If Cryptic/PW wanted to increase our participation with the new barriers, they have shot themselves in the foot. All our people have lives outside STO, and the new content, while pretty, isn't enough to keep us clicking the rat feed bar.
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