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Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
Sorry I know it is in the KDF section but it seems I do have some problems with the Off-Duty Clothing for my Fed.

I bought the Formal Set but I don't know where the pieces are.

I have the standard slot for my uniform, a free slot, and one slot for the fleet.

I have opened my standard uniform slot and saw a button on the right top labeled "uniform", but after klicking on it, nothing happend, it was grey.

I browsed through the available uniform pieces, but no formal item was found.

Is there a trick in it?

Thank you
There shouldn't be any off duty slots any more. Instead when you select a uniform slot on the first page in the upper righthand corner it should have a drop down tab that says uniform. Open it up and it should say uniform, off duty, M.A.C.O. or Omega if you have the pieces, and so forth. just select off duty and skip to the last page to pic the parts.

As for me, i think the entire Creation and customization system needs a well deserved overhaul. It's a good system don't get me wrong, but there are a lot of things in it that were made long before the game was what it is today. They should go back and revampt the whole thing to update it and give it some well needed love. It's one of the only things that hasn't really been touched since launch and frankly it shows.