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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
It's a Tetryon proc. But it's so damn strong because you have so many ships hitting you with it. All Tholian ships are armed with Phased Tetryon Beam Arrays and most also have disruption torpedoes. They also use Thermionic Torpedoes. So naturally it's infuriating to battle them. The Phased Tetryon weapons also have the Phaser proc, which is another reason why your subsystems keep on going offline. And before you comment on why your stuff is never that effective, think about it this way: Imagine if you had a full team of 5 Oddy Sci cruisers running full Phased Tetryon beam arrays. Cuz that's only a tiny portion of what you're going up against. All those procs, and all that subsystem targeting, that's what you're fighting.
A 5,000-point x4 Tet proc? Cause its not a drain over a few seconds, its just 'bam, no shields for you' like a single big weapon hit. All I know is that I want one. Do Power Insulators help against this? (Only 3 in it currently, need to respec in the near future anyways)

And as to the weapon thing, I thought they were only packing regular tetryon BAs, not phased?