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11-16-2012, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Yeah, I still have to roll my eyes at the new system in how it supposed to "help" players get their Mk12 sets.

This system supposed to help those who been working hard (literally) for months and never got any Prototype Tech Drops, but when they are finally about to get them, they change the system where now they have to work again in unlocking Tier 5 Reputation, camping BNPs, and paying 34,000 Dilithium PER set piece.

IMHO, what PW did was more like kicking a person when they are down then helping them. Because there was a ton of other ways Cryptic could've helped those people out like trading # of Rares for Prototype or having accolades have a hand in making it easier.

Really, I'm starting to doubt they really understand things. And that will lead to the end of STO.
Look on the bright side, just about the time we learn this new system S8 will be here with a new system. I'm just hoping they'll grab my omega and rommie marks and convert them to something I will actually use.
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