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11-16-2012, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by latinumbar View Post
Sorry about being skeptical, but the math doesn't add up.

Defera - 1440
SB24 - 480.
TauDwea - 480 from red alert daily.
STF - 960

How again does this add up to 11K? Even with 3 alts doing the same thing, it doesn't add to 11K. And kudos if you really can do this on 3 alts in 1 hour. LOL.
actually its 2 alts, Kdf and my main fed.

forgot to put in the Doffs in there, oddly enough there are places which get you a ton of Dilithium when you make assignments there.

for instance one of my "Negotiate a Deal" doff assignments got me 560 dilithium, the rest had a minimum of 100 dilithium. that was 20 doff assignments each char.

and STF's go by quick with a proper team, took my team 10 minutes to do KASE, and ment to put did 1 last SB24....which you got wrong its not 480 its 1440, i cought it as we were mopping up the last 4 klingon battleships.