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Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
Love the new sector with all its quests. I like the way the quests are laid out. Patrols are better and fresher than the pi canis patrols. The two ground wrappers on new Romulus. If that isn't enough and you want to do all the ground Romulus quests, you can.
And you know what, those quests are really fun. Some people complain that it is just scanning all day long but in all honesty, I would be on that tricorder more than I would my iPhone if tricorder a existed.
Is new romulus content better than fe's? Probably, yeah. If over the next few years you can do this with the undine, kdf and iconians I think you would have redeemed yourself.

There are these "events" that I did on tribble that supposedly exist on new Romulus but I haven't seen them and have no idea how they start.
The "sector defense missions" seem as good as they were last time I played them 3 years ago: broken.

The embassy combined with the rep system is a little confusing. It may be fixeable with a ui change. But the ui changes for this season where great!

One other thing that is missing is new romulan specific chains and doff assignments.

The new queued events are fun.
One thing I wish you didn't do was add dilithium back to the stf's though. But i understand you had to do something with the supposed "outcry".

Another issue is the new currencies. My inventory is filled with new "currencies". If we could acquire a currency bag of sorts, it may allow more organized inventory.
What would make this an unnoficial review rather than Official...dude are you a celeb?