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11-16-2012, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
They are also used to level BO abilities, how you would "fix" that?

It seems some people are desperate for their Dilithium fix, either because they want to buy everything in the Store without spending a cent or because they want to buy everything NOW and there is a Dilithium cost.

Problem is not Dilithium per say but the Dilithium costs that can always be adjusted, one thing is adjusting so its not the cost of a week of maximum refining and another is injecting more Dilithium into the system, that solves nothing as it just maintains the issues by creating other problems.
Just to clarify, most missions reward both expertise and skill points. However, at 50 all of the skill points get converted into expertise. So... if a mission gives 2200 of each to characters 1-49, a 50 will just get 4400 expertise. This isn't don't be altering the mission, but instead on a 'receiver end' conversion that automatically converts the [useless] skill points into expertise.

Disclaimer: unless I completely misunderstand how the game works

What I'm proposing is to leave the actual reward expertise intact, just to convert the [useless] skill points in a different way.