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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
The wide angle quantum was supposed to be a nice little addition to the Regent. It was not supposed to become a common theme. If you do that, yes you will depreciate the Regent. As I said, torps were no supposed to all be wide-angle.
They either need to increase cruiser turn rate so they aren't a sitting duck and can actually pop off some torps and move back to their broadside in a timely manner, increase torpedo damage to the point that it's worth a cruiser taking ALLL the time it takes to turn, sacrificing their broadside in the process, to fire off a volley of torps, or they need to make it so everyone can have the wide angle torp. Additionally, the wide angle torp isn't just for the regent, you can take it from the regent and equip it on any ships on the fed side.

Also, I'm not terribly concerned with the depreciation of the regent, as cryptic constantly releases new things that make old things less uber/awesome, and most players probably won't shell out the 2,500 zen JUST to have the wide angle torp anyway, and the regent really doesn't have any other defining characteristics that would make it better than say, an ody.

Also, cryptic could release wide angle torp unlock as a zen item. Whatever amount of zen deemed appropriate unlocks the ability to purchase wide angle torps in all the flavors.

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