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11-16-2012, 03:46 PM
I'm actually very curious to see the numbers on what kind of ROI the CO episodes got. Its entirely possible that compared to ships, lockboxes, etc., the ROI simply isn't high enough to justify the development of paid FEs.

Also, everyone plays for different reasons, and wants different things. At least ships can be useful to a broad range of players. If you're not into the story/lore, or will only play through it once (versus multiple times with multiple characters), paid FE might not be interesting/compelling.

I would say this, though: if CBS and other companies ever allowed it (and I've no idea how much booze and drugs it would take), it'd be great to have a charity cross-over events. Sure, lets see how the Federation does against the Empire! Or buy a Firefly ship and Browncoat costumes. Why fly a Peregrine when you can fly a Star Fury? Make them seasonal/limited time offerings, part of the money goes to charity, make them a little more expensive due to additional licensing/production costs, and go from there.

Granted, I can imagine the legal department is already twitching uncontrollably in pain at the thought of this :p
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