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Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
Agree to all these points. Cryptic made a bet thinking "grinding for everything-Starbase, embassy, Omega, Romulan and now dilithium" would keep players coming to the game...that was a retarded decision made since all it accomplished was players leaving in mass exodus to other MMOs...who the heck wants another job to grind uselessly like a freaking robot...
And then they go to other MMOs and find the exact same thing.

Grind is the end game.

STO problem is that unlike other MMO that make you waste hours doing quests (go to contact, grab quest, walk to area, farm/grind, walk back to contact, turn in quest) things work pretty fast since travel is fast (even instantaneous) and you can turn in quests remotely and there are not that many quests to do, we level pretty fast as well so get to the end game in weeks as other MMOs takes you months to get there but the end is exactly the same.


I can understand they cannot really create 20-30 new quests that each take about 1-2 hours to finish and even if they did, it would take us about 1-2 weeks to finish then and we back to say there is nothing to do, then what?

Yes, its a grind but a lot of the problems with STO are inherited, anything they do creates a issue ... slower leveling? not going to affect people that claim there is nothing to do because they would need to add over 100 missions that would each take 1-2 hours and they are not really in a position to do that, even if they were that would take months and of course when most of us are at lv.50 this would simply making leveling Alts harder and I guess that would be the new complain "it takes too long to level" because if anything people here find something to complain about.

You know what? the Reputation system is entirely optional because do you really need to have the Omega and Romulus powers to continue to play the game? no ... I mean PvPers sure are effected but despite their claims STO is not a PvP game, it just have PvP.

What I see here is the usual complains "I want to have EVERYTHING and I must have it NOW!" ... then what? if Starbases were something Fleets could do in a month then they would been abandoned and the Fleet "Fleet Actions" would been abandoned by now, sure its grind if you want to power level to then and yes, its annoying to have so many things behind a Tier that is weeks if not months away but then if we get everything granted to us then what?

Yes, its the grind that keeps people in because WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO? and this is not just STO, ALL MMOs do this because they know the players will rush new content faster they can deliver it, there is no way around it.

Maybe you should check TOR or any of the other MMOs to see what happens when you reach end game ... then look at STO.

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