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Originally Posted by evil70th View Post
You did a good job of fixing the pit issues on the first map but the problem still exist on the second map. Players will not play a mission they have to abort and restart because they fall into a pit and cannot get up. They will become frustrated and drop your mission. For that I reason I still cannot recommend this mission to other players.

I suggest you make the consoles more accessible all the way around the platform. You can place low level enemy mobs around the consoles to make them harder to get to.

Thanks for authoring,
Thank you very much for the info. Just to state my intentions in my mission, the last map is intended to be restarted if one or more party members fall...kinda like an STF. Since I can not control respawn points or mission objective resets finely enough, this is the only option For now I warn players with OOC text and wait for more control in future updates in the foundry

As regards to the consoles, the whole level is meant to be a platformer more so than a run and gun; therefore, placing them such makes it true to that versus adding mobs for difficulty.

Knowing now that those particular things you mentioned is working by design, are they too 'difficult'...or just to 'annoying'? Taking in account the time it takes to beam out and beam back in after falling into the pit, does it take too long for a group of 5 to try and figure out the boss battle? I might not be realizing it because I built it and I knew how to beat it from the start, lol.

Thanks very much. I know you're busy, but I really do appreciate your mission critiquing services And this info will help for my space battle I'm gonna try to attach to the beginning of this mission. Thanks again.