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I've been playing since F2P launch and tonight while on New Romulus and trying to reply to a Tell I received from another player, I found myself unable to reply via a Tell. When trying to reply to a player I got a message across my screen to the effect of "Cannot send tells to non-friends on a newly created account". I tested by trying to send tells to other players that weren't on my friends list and got the same thing.

The wording of the error message above may not be exact because I'm typing this from memory... But I guess you devs know where I'm coming from? Right?

Anyway... this is the very first time since I started playing STO that I've received this error message. I've never had a problem sending a tell to a non-friend before. Therefore, it must be a bug!

My account is far from "New" considering I have 4 lvl 50 toons and 4 more well on their way to the max level. And as I said, I've been playing since F2P launch.

I would be very grateful if you could look into this because it is very difficult at the moment to help people on New Romulus with accolade hunting etc. by not being able to reply to their Tells.

Thanks in advance!


PS: I've yet to try and send tells to non-friends outside of New Romulus. I have a feeling that the error is confined to that system. As I said, I've never experienced it before.