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11-16-2012, 04:18 PM
Short Term:
- Adjust the sizes of the ship interiors to feel more realistic / authentic.

Medium Term:
- Clean up the user interface so that it's a bit easier to utilize and more intuitive
- Clean up the map system so that its one functional unit instead of a bunch of fractured pieces you have to click back and forth from to navigate to. (if you'd like UX/UI suggestions I would love to help, I do this for a living).
- Streamline beaming up to the ship, going to the bridge, and then engaging in a mission.
- More voice dialogues / immersive more polished cut scenes
- Hire an orchestra to do professional soundtracking for the game... the horns currently sound very artificial.

Long Term:
- Create a better experience that keeps you in the Captains chair should you want to be. We experienced Star Trek with the Captain on the bridge... Create a multiple view system where you can sit in the captains chair and give orders, and can view the action on screen / OR / view it as you currently view things. Not entirely sure how all that would work but it would be more authentically Star Trek to sit in the Captains chair and tell your helmsman to 'Engage'.